The other new year

The mission of Camp AmeriKids: to enhance the lives of youth living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease by providing an enriching summer camp experience, year-round skill building and a supported transition to adulthood. To those of us who are part of the camp community, camp is family. An all-inclusive family. We all, camper and staff alike, feel that camp has changed our lives.

I wrote this after my first summer as part of the Camp AmeriKids program staff as an arts & crafts counselor. I know, I know, very long-winded! I guess I just can’t say enough about camp. If you found the time to read it, I’d be grateful. Maybe you can find something in it that resonates with you, too.

At Camp AmeriKids, the new year has a particular meaning to the camp community. Steve Kidd, our program director, explains:

Camp welcomes donations! Camp welcomes volunteers! Please check us out. And have a healthy and happy new year.