Mother’s day

I’ve done many art groups with foster parents over the years. Foster parents work with children, agencies, birth parents, schools, legal systems, and more, and are faced with challenges from many directions. Thus the groups tend to go in many directions. When people find themselves in a supportive culture and have the opportunity to express themselves, magic happens, pretty much always, and all kinds of feelings are shared. For Mother’s Day, here are a few drawings by foster mothers of themselves and their foster children.

I love this mother’s picture of herself, with such a bright expression and arms long enough to take charge, protect, and give big hugs. (And she’s going to need those long arms to hold that teenager back…)


This mom did a drawing of herself and her foster son watching Transformers together. How wonderful, since they are both transformers, working together to transform the past into something better.


“A big hug and some beautiful words. I love you, Mami.”