Brown paper grocery bag awareness week!

Today and all this week, I am celebrating one of my favorite art materials, the ubiquitous, free, and versatile brown paper grocery bag. Whether plain or printed, these sacks present endless possibilities. Today: Books!

I regularly make notebooks out of brown bags, either by sewing the bindings on my sewing machine or by stapling them. I prefer plain bags, but my local grocery store has printed bags, and I use them anyway. It’s tough paper, good for collage, and I love the color. The books are great to have on hand for children, who often like having their own books to work in. The paper is good for collage and craypas, and kids also like using them as scrapbooks to collect their drawings. The bags are large enough to make good-sized pages.


You can get much fancier, though! Here’s a lovely little book from Carolyn at homework:

This little 8-page book was made from a single sheet cut from a brown bag paper.

falg bookAnd lastly, here’s a little magazine collage book mounted on a twig frame, made, as you can see, a lot of years ago.

book1The bag paper is rugged and has retained it’s original bag creases. These photos were taken this weekend, and I think the sturdy bag paper held up pretty well all these years, with a bit of curling.







Clearly, this is not paper for fine finished work, but if you work with kids, and found materials are important to you, it’s good stuff.

Tomorrow: High fashion!