Grocery bag fashion

More brown paper grocery bag appreciation today. The strength and body of the bag paper has inspired some designers to create amazing apparel. Here are some favorites.

Artist Cynthia Jensen created a series of paper bag dresses titled Bag Lady. This is Bag Lady 1:

Here’s an origami dress made with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s brown-paper grocery bags from Simply Defined (Green) Project. This artist also makes dresses with newspaper, garbage bags, plastic water bottles, and soda pop cans.

This paper dress found on Seemingly So wasn’t technically made from shopping bags, but it’s got an interesting story, so I thought I could cheat a little and include it. Nathalie Graafland, curator of the blog, writes, “Scott Paper Company created this paper dress in 1966, intended as a marketing tool. For one dollar, women could buy the dress and also receive coupons for Scott paper products. The paper dress wasn’t an invention meant to be taken seriously, but women surprised the company by ordering half a million of these dresses in under a year.”

And finally, for accessorizing, here are some Foldbags from designer Ilvy Jacobs. Foldbags were made by reshaping regular brown paper bags and creating a new silhouette. Jacobs says, “By transforming its usual shape I try to make it stand out and hopefully it will be cherished instead of being just thrown away.”

Tomorow: The king of paper bag art!