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I am a registered, board-certified, New York State-licensed art therapist. I graduated from the College of New Rochelle with an MS in Art Therapy in 1985 (and later taught as an adjunct at CNR in that same graduate program). In 1989 I began working in foster care and adoption, consulting primarily for The Children’s Aid Society, a New York City non-profit child welfare agency.

During my 23 years at CAS, I carried a regular caseload in the foster care and adoption division as a primary therapist. I have learned much about the challenges, needs, strengths, endurance, and amazingness of children in the foster care predicament. I am also intimately familiar with the struggles, failures, and triumphs of birth parents, foster parents, and staff, and with the strained system we all inhabit. As part of my work with children in care, I have worked with parent groups, families, and staff and have organized and facilitated community art happenings. I have also provided individual, family, and group treatment in private practice, inpatient, residential group home, and family shelter settings. In the summers, I wear the hat of arts & crafts counselor at Camp AmeriKids, a summer camp in Warwick, NY for inner city kids ages 6 to 16 infected with or affected by AIDS/HIV and Sickle Cell Disease.

For 25 years, I split my time between New York City and Vermont. I love both places, and my collections of found objects and recycled materials, rural and urban artifacts, tend to find their way into my own work. I am inspired and influenced in my art by the amazing spirit, creativity and resilience of my clients and my campers, and by the endless shapes that creativity can take.

I have recently moved on from the NYC child welfare arena, and am now based in southern VT. I love to travel and welcome opportunities to collaborate.

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