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Easter egg cartons

IMG_0214 - Version 2

I save all my egg cartons, and not because I have chickens. No, I save them to make egg carton purses. Decorated and filled with little items, they make wacky, fun gifts. They also make great jewelry boxes. And they are great projects for kids during this (or any other) season.

I paint and then decorate them with paper scraps, twigs, beads, feathers, recycled yarn and ribbons, whatever I have around. The purse handles come from my rusty wire collection.




I fill the purses with small items, mostly things I find around the house: a tiny package of samples from my paper collection, chocolates, barrettes, snappers, buttons, beads, etc.





In the Camp AmeriKids art & crafts room, where I work in the summers, the younger girls have made beautiful egg carton purses. They use the same array of materials, although we spray paint the rusty wires in bright colors. The girls leave them with us to dry, and we surprise them by delivering them to their cabins filled with little treats of small art supplies and candy.

IMG_2465 - Version 2

IMG_2462Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring!