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For it is in giving that we receive

That’s some wisdom from Saint Francis of Assisi.

Stained glass window in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

If holiday giving is your thing, and you support organizations that benefit kids’ learning, development, expression, and self-worth, you’ve come to the right blog.

We must not stint on our investment in our children. They are our hope and our future, and give us so much joy in the present! Last year I wrote a couple of posts about some organizations that support children and teens in profound ways. They are still my top picks, so I’ll refer you to those posts.

Most people who are acquainted with me personally know that I am a summer volunteer and member of the amazing, transformative Camp AmeriKids community. Camp’s mission is “to enhance the lives of youth living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease by providing an enriching summer camp experience, year-round skill building and a supported transition to adulthood.” Here’s what I wrote about camp last year. This year a new year-round mentoring program has been added. I cannot say enough about the wonderful ways this organization changes the lives of everyone it touches! Find out more at

Other orgs I listed last year:, Project Rhythm, 826 Valencia, and Girls Write Now. Please check them out here. They all continue to do fantastic work promoting children’s literacy and artistic expression (which are so intertwined) and changing lives.

May you give, and may you receive. Happy holidays!