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Brown paper bags: It’s a wrap

To wrap up my brown paper bag week, here are some bags and wrapping.

origami bag

heart bag


IMG_8229If you haven’t discovered it yet, Pinterest has a wealth of brown paper wrapping ideas. Here is some paper decorated with white paint marker from lisa burke:

…and from be different act normal, some gift bags decorated with stamps and small binder clips and machine-stitched together.

I love wrapping gifts, and especially love gathering up whatever materials are on hand to create something unexpected. Give it a try!

‘Tis the season

I love wrapping presents! Each one is like a little art project. And I’m a big recycler, so with present wrapping, anything goes for me. I tend to use anything that’s around at the time. This bow was made from ripped up plastic yogurt labels. (I save the cups for paint and other materials when I work with kids.)

yogurt cups


Save your brown paper grocery bags! And use whatever you have on hand to decorate them. I used leftover spray paint, paper scraps, yarn, and ripped fabric scraps to make these.

heart bag-2


These were wrapped with recycled bubble wrap and plastic wrap. The tags were little white price tags (from Staples, cheap) before I took markers, etc. to them. The silk ribbons come from Nicole Snow at Darn Good Yarn. Nicole sells silk yarns made from the scraps of saris, which she purchases from seamstresses in Nepal and India at a good price, thus helping them to support their families with supplemental income. The colors are gorgeous!

bubble wrap

bubble wrap and tags