I offer workshops, trainings, and time-limited groups that use art as a way to explore, express, and communicate. Group populations include children, teens, parents, families, and staff, or any combination of the above. All groups are flexible in makeup, goal, structure, and duration and can be tailored to address a variety of needs. Groups are nonjudgmental and encourage a culture of support. Emphasis is placed on using found, recycled, inexpensive materials. Please use the blog search bar to find posts related to some of these services.


Workshops for birth, foster, and pre-adoptive parents use artmaking to address the difficulties of parenting, increase understanding of child development, open up different pathways to problem-solving, build skills, and improve family life and relationships. These groups provide support and much-needed opportunities for creative play.

Training and supervision groups for clinical, educational, and social services staff use artmaking to address the issues related to working with clients and students, encourage creative problem-solving, provide support, and contribute to more effective delivery of services.

Short-term groups for teens use artmaking to address the difficulties of adolescence, provide a safe place for self-expression and communication, improve self-awareness and relationships, and promote skill-building, mastery and self-control.

Community art events have the potential to create a culture of fun, acceptance, and accomplishment within a community. For individuals and families that experience isolation, seeing their work as part of a whole can be a very powerful experience. A group project can be a metaphor for a community that shares space and supplies; that helps neighbors with support, encouragement, suggestions, or an extra hand; that values the contributions of all. Community members experience real joy in seeing the beauty of a communal creation that has been stitched together from their individual contributions.




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